Giant Head of Uncle Sam from Creepy Health Care Ads Is at the WHCD

The gigantic head of Uncle Sam was seen amidst the gaggle of reporters and celebrities on the White House Correspondents Dinner red carpet today. Yes. Really.

Don’t believe me? Well, look at this screengrab from C-SPAN earlier tonight.

Yes. That is the giant head of Uncle Sam.

Now, I hear you asking yourself, “Hmm, why does that giant head of Uncle Sam look familiar?” Well, you might remember it from ads put out by the group Generation Opportunity last year to make a rather graphic point about government getting between you and your doctor. Here’s one of the ads they ran.

Well, Generation Opportunity didn’t pass up the… opportunity to make a statement at “#nerdprom,” and so actually brought the giant head of Uncle Sam to the dinner. Below are two tweets from Generation Opportunity Communications Director David Pasch.

You can watch the big giant head on the red carpet below, via C-SPAN:

[image via screengrab]

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