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Glenn Beck: Americans Are Racist If They Let Stephen Bannon Into the White House

beckConservative pundit Glenn Beck has made no secret of his contempt for Stephen Bannon, and he says Americans need to wake up and realize what the man represents.

Beck has previously referred to the former Breitbart chief as a “nightmare” and a “frightening,” “terrifying man.” Trump named him White House chief strategist on Sunday; Bannon had previously served as his campaign chairman.

Speaking on TheBlaze TV Monday night, Beck said that if Americans acquiesce to letting Bannon into the White House, “then we are racist.”

Bannon is one of the foremost figureheads of the “alt-right” movement, which is a gloss on white-nationalism, anti-Semitism, and anti-feminism. White nationalists have been celebrating the fact that Bannon will have the ear of the next president. The neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer praised Trump for hiring “the right people.” White nationalist Richard Spencer, long a Trump supporter, said on Twitter that “Strategist is the best possible position for Steve Bannon in the White House.”

“When people really understand what the alt-right is, this neo-nationalist, neo-Nazi, white supremacy idea that Bannon is pushing hard,” Beck said Monday night. “It’s — I hope they wake up because, if not, we are racist. If that’s what we accept and we know it, then we are racist. I contend people don’t know what the alt-right is yet.”

Beck also speculated that if it came down between Bannon and RNC Chair Reince Priebus, who was named White House Chief of Staff, Priebus would be ousted.

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