Glenn Beck Explains That He Does, In Fact, Love Jesus


I think this may be Glenn Beck’s version of backpedaling. Nearly ten days after Time posted an article titled “Why Does Glenn Beck Hate Jesus?” — which itself followed a New York Times piece about certain church leaders encouraging their followers to stop watching Beck — Beck has addressed the issue. Sort of.

Beck, you may recall, got in some hot water for encouraging church goers to leave their churches if they heard the words “social justice,” according to Beck, code words for “communism” and “nazism.” Needless to say, this did not go over well with church leaders who feel quite strongly that “social justice” is actually a code word for charity, one of the tenets of the the New Testament’s teachings. Beck dialed back his language…slightly.

Social justice seems like an innocuous phrase, doesn’t it? It paints a picture of fairness. Many churches all over the country use this term as an outreach to the poor. Now who could possibly be against that?

Not Glenn Beck, is the point. Though perhaps he will be issuing special language decoder rings to parse various usages of the phrase “social justice.” All this confusion is, of course, the “darn” media’s fault.

Well if you’ve read the news lately, apparently I am. I hate the poor and I question Jesus, too…Well, I’m just full of hate and I want to stop justice, I hate the poor too, I’d like to stomp on them. I’m glad to see Time suddenly cares about God. Or am I? The other news from the New York Times was that I recommended leaving church if those churches were helping the poor [this is not actually what the story, or Beck said]. Oh and I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those pesky meddling journalists. Oh I hate those guys.

Cue Scooby Doo voice. Beck goes on to clarify that while the phrase “social justice” definitely means bad things when used by progressives, it doesn’t necessarily mean bad things from your church. But, you know, be very, very, careful, etc. And maybe get that decoder ring. Video below.

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