Glenn Beck: ‘Hack’ George Stephanopoulos Is A ‘Dishonest Journalist’ For Bachmann Interview


Glenn Beck was not pleased with Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s interview on Good Morning America yesterday. Yet while many focused on the debate between Bachmann and George Stephanopoulos regarding whether or not John Quincy Adams was a Founding Father, Beck concluded Stephanopoulos was a “hack” for an entirely different exchange.

Beck played a clip of Mr. Snuffleupagus (Beck’s nickname for Stephanopoulos) asking Bachmann a question:

Stephanopoulos: You said ‘my voice is part of a movement to take back our country.’ From whom?
Bachmann: Well from the people all across the nation.

Beck humorously disagreed with his sidekick Pat regarding who was to blame for Bachmann saying “from the people” instead of “for the people.” Pat said it was disappointing that Bachmann flubbed on such an easy question. Yet Beck responded that Bachmann clearly misunderstood the question, so “the question should be, how can a fair-minded journalist not follow it up with a question” to clarify whether she actually wants to take power away from the American people? Instead, Beck believed “he did not follow-up because he’s a dishonest journalist” and “so what he’s done is he aired this to make her look stupid.”

The real outrage, according to Beck, is not that Bachmann made such a verbal error, but instead that “Stephanopoulos and ABC television is such a hack.” Whether Stephanopoulos deserves that title from this one exchange seems a bit overblown, yet more significantly, Pat’s frustration with Bachmann may start to represent a growing sentiment among her own supporters that an increasing amount of gaffes are starting to be a legitimate distraction.

Listen to the clip from The Glenn Beck Program below:


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