Michele Bachmann

This Should Go Well: Michele Bachmann Advising Trump on Foreign Policy

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Proves That Anyone Can Use NYC Subway

Michele Bachmann Says God Sent Brussels Attacks to Humiliate Obama

Bachmann Hypocritically Goes After ‘Cult of Suicide’ Islam for Being Intolerant

Michele Bachmann: Hillary’s the Candidate Who’s More in Line with ‘Fascist Values’

Michele Bachmann: Americans Need to ‘Get a Brain,’ Bible is the Only Logical Basis for Society

Trump in 2012: Michele Bachmann Showed ‘Great Disloyalty’ Skipping Debate, ‘People Rejected Her’

Michele Bachmann: Giving LGBT People Legal Protection ‘Takes It Away’ From Straight People

Michele Bachmann Attacks Carly Fiorina for ‘Praising Muslims’

Chris Christie Compares Trump to Herman Cain, Michele Bachmann

President Mark Cuban Goes to War with Sharks in Sharknado 3 Trailer

Michele Bachmann Goes There with Inevitable Germanwings Comparison to Obama Policies

Michele Bachmann to Star as ‘Michele Bachmann’ in Sharknado 3

Michele Bachmann Credits ISIS for Inspiring NYPD Shooting

Let Bachmann Tell You About Obama’s Jihad Before She Becomes Irrelevant

Bachmann: Obama Was ‘Condescending and Patronizing’ to Me

Michele Bachmann Won’t Rule Out Running for President in 2016

Michele Bachmann Told Obama to Bomb Iran at WH Christmas Party

Farewell, Michele: Watch 8 Of The Craziest Things Bachmann Has Ever Said

Here Is Michele Bachmann Rapping to ‘Thrift Shop’

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