GOP Congressman Steve Stockman Tweets Marijuana Joke About Obamacare?

On this Halloween night, Reefer Madness struck Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX), as he accepted an invitation from CNN analyst Sally Kohn to crack wise about President Obama’s signature health care law. Kohn tweeted that “The website is just one piece of candy in the entire Obamacare goody bag,” which Stockman, playing to the hip Depression-era demo, replied “The bag is full of Mary Janes.”

For those born this century, “Mary Jane” is a slang term for marijuana, which President Obama has admitted to using as a young man. Although support has grown for the legalization of marijuana in recent years, Obamacare doesn’t cover the substance, medicinal or otherwise.

UPDATE: Some of our astute readers have pointed out that Stockman could have also been referring to the famously cheap molasses-based candy “Mary Jane.” What say you? Was he making a weed joke or referring to the candy?

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