Greenwald Gets In Fierce Twitter War With Michael Wolff Over Accusations He Helped Snowden Steal Documents

In the past few days, the media coverage of the ongoing NSA leaks story has now roped in Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald, from profiles on his character to public calls he should be arrested. A new Wall Street Journal column engages in some wild speculation over whether Greenwald was actively involved in helping Edward Snowden “steal state secrets.” Vanity Fair contributing editor Michael Wolff tweeted out the link a number of times, and ended up in a Twitter war over responsibility and journalistic integrity with Greenwald and Jeff Jarvis.

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It began when Jarvis tweeted out links to Greenwald’s Skype appearance at Friday night’s Socialism 2013 conference. Wolff responded to Jarvis, calling Greenwald’s points “silly” and “blather.” Around the same time, Wolff was flogging the WSJ op-ed in a number of tweets, leading to this exchange with Jarvis.

Greenwald jumped in at this point, mocking Wolff’s “what if” by applying the same logical reasoning to Wolff’s character, and “raising questions” about whether Wolff has committed bank fraud or breaking into his neighbor’s house. Greenwald and Jarvis continued to tag-team Wolff, who didn’t quite understand what the big deal was.

Jarvis even went so far as to compare Wolff and the WSJ column “asking questions” to a journalist “who gives birthers attention.” Ouch.


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