Hanging Out: London Mayor Boris Johnson Gets Stuck On A Zip-Line

Oh ho, this is what you get, my friend! When you lead thousands of people in mocking Mitt Romney, you damn well better expect to draw the wrath of God upon you! However, fortunately for London and its mayor, Boris Johnson, Mr. Romney’s God is a rather friendly God, so His wrath is less about horrible catastrophe and more Johnson getting embarrassingly stuck on a zip-line for a few minutes.

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Yes, London finally faced its first Olympic snafu when Mayor Johnson couldn’t get enough speed to complete a zip-line ride across Victoria Park. The mayor was making the ride to as part of the ongoing Olympic festivities. On the upside, he remained in good spirits throughout, waving some Union Jacks and shouting down to the spectators below until people were able to pull him across.

The real question here is why our politicians never ride zip-lines. Come on, Barack and Mitt. First one to Hunter Mountain gets my vote in November!

Watch video of the dangling action from The Telegraph below:

(photo via Twitter user Rebecca Denton)

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