Hannity Zings Nicolle Wallace for Failing to Cover Uranium One (Which She Covered)


Sean Hannity flunked the Nicolle Wallace challenge.

On Thursday afternoon, Wallace — the host of MSNBC’s Deadline: White House — devoted several minutes of her program to coverage of the Uranium One scandal. The segment featured commentary from NBC’s intelligence and national security reporter Ken Dilanian, who said, “it is not a great story for the country, or for Hillary Clinton.”

After Dilanian’s comments, Wallace issued a challenge to the hosts on Fox News.

“Fox, I dare you to run that clip tonight in prime,” she said.

Hannity not only failed to run Wallace’s clip, he featured her in a monologue blasting the media for trying to sweep the Uranium One story under the rug.

“[The mainstream media has] been lying to you, the American people, for well over a year about Russia, Russia, Russia,” Hannity said. “The press has been spreading fake news conspiracy theories almost 24/7, nonstop. Now why? Why are they so silent in this case?”

The Fox News host threw to clips of various media figures discussing Russia as it relates to President Donald Trump. As part of the clip package, a Today segment featuring Wallace dated July 6 was shown.

“This cloud about collusion with Russia will hang over [Trump] no matter where he stands,” Wallace said on July 6.

Hannity went on to accuse the mainstream media of “a complete united blackout” in the Uranium One case. The host, at no point, acknowledged Nicolle Wallace’s coverage.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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