Health Care Protester in Wheelchair Dragged Away from Mitch McConnell’s Office


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then I wonder how many a video is worth. In newly surfaced footage posted to Twitter on Thursday, protesters in wheelchairs and wearing medical equipment are carried and dragged away from outside Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell‘s office, where they were protesting the GOP’s health care bill.

See for yourself, below:

The protesters, participating in what they called a “die-in” following the release of the GOP health care bill that slashes Medicaid by more than $1 trillion and could make crucial medical services inhumanely expensive for millions, chant “no cuts to Medicaid!” while being carried away.

If President Donald Trump, who, by the way, on the campaign trail lied that no cuts would be made to Medicaid, called the American Health Care Act “mean,” I can only wonder what he would call disabled protesters, quite literally protesting for their lives, being dragged away. But for starters, I doubt he’ll even comment on the footage so as to not run the risk of making his party appear more heartless than it already does.

This footage somehow manages to add a whole new dimension of cruelty to a health care bill that already promises to cost millions of elderly, poor, sick, and disabled Americans their health insurance to give the wealthy a cozy tax break, while allowing survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence, mothers, and those suffering from mental illness to be discriminated against.

The disabled are another demographic made vulnerable by the bill, and footage of them being wholly undermined, grabbed, and forcibly removed for expressing themselves and, put simply, begging for their lives, is painful to watch. It’s a testament to the extent to which this party, whether it intends to or not, is dehumanizing and stripping them of options and autonomy through its policies.

In another bloody scene, a protester being physically removed from Capitol Hill said, “The government wants to kill me.”

Some witnesses claim that another protester in a wheelchair was dropped on the ground after being removed from her wheelchair.

The protest was organized by ADAPT, a non-profit that advocates for the rights of people with disabilities that is seriously concerned with the bill.

All of this comes after a report that McConnell refused to meet with patient advocacy groups published in the Los Angeles Times last week. McConnell can’t look at the people his legislation is hurting — he can’t even stomach looking at their representatives, clearly. But nonetheless, now that this new footage has come to light, many others are looking in collective shock and horror at this man’s cruelty.

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