Help Me Solve This Blind Item About a Politician With a Dirty Sense of Humor


shutterstock_135777683If you’re not regularly trying to crack blind items, you are not living, my friends. They require just as many mental gymnastics as a good crossword puzzle, in my opinion. They keep you sharp. For the uninitiated, blind items are just very detailed gossip stories that leave out the names of the characters. It is up to you, the reader, to fall back on your knowledge of various famous people and try to plug in the correct names.

Certainly, these tidbits may be false or at least dubious, but often, they check out, even if the payoff takes years. The blind items usually come from disgruntled employees, underlings, or others in the industry who want to punch up at the successful stars above them. When readers correctly identify those labeled in the blind item, editors will generally update the post with the names and label it “solved.”

So, now that you know the background, help me out here. See, blind items aren’t just for Hollywood; underlings in D.C. have their fair share of reasons to want to take their superiors down a peg. Like the dog-walkers and sugar babies of L.A., they turn to blind items, but the one below, in particular, is giving me a hard time.

From Blind Gossip:

Although Ted Cruz and John Kasich appear to be teaming up to stop Donald Trump’s Presidential bid, not everyone is on their side!

One famous politician is having fun figuring out how to keep his favored candidate in front.

He was saying that we should start our own group, Conservatives Opposed to Cruz/Kasich, or COCK. He was making up all sorts of slogans for posters and buttons, like “Ladies, Let’s talk about COCK!” and “Ask Me About My COCK!” and “I love COCK!” Stuff like that.

We’re looking forward to the first tweet with the hashtag #COCK2016.

I have a few guesses, but they’re shaky at best. Could it be renowned womanizer Bill Clinton? Hear me out! Many have speculated that Hillary Clinton and Co. want Trump to get the Republican nomination because it would be easy for Clinton to beat him. Maybe BG’s lede about Cruz and Kasich was meant to throw us off the Democratic scent. Then again, why would a Clinton be pushing Conservatives Opposed to Cruz/Kasich?

Do you see what I mean about the mental gymnastics?

It could be Chris Christie! It’s hard to imagine him joking about asking ladies about COCK, but stranger things have happened. Strangest among those things is the recent decision reached by the Cruz and Kasich camps about working together to stop Trump. Kasich already flip-flopped on the deal, so maybe… maybe the blind item is about him?

Here is where I kick it to you, Mediaite readers. Mull over the blind item. Shoot me your suggestions. Let’s crack this and then submit to BG and see if we, too, can be responsible for getting an item solved.

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