Here’s The Conservative Parody Of Gotye You Were Asking For: ‘Some Justice That I Used To Know’

Guys, I love “Call Me Maybe.” It’s a catchy song. But enough of the “Call Me Maybe” parodies! We’ve already had Cookie Monster and Star Wars versions. Let’s move on! Let’s see something original! Something like…I don’t know…a conservative parody of the other huge song of the year made to attack Chief Justice John Roberts?

Oh, that exists already? Perfect.

Yep, the Media Research Center’s Stephen Gutowski and Kathleen Burch have taken Gotye‘s mega hit “Somebody That I Used to Know” and given it 100% more references to Ann Coulter. Finally. Unlike the original video, no one here gets naked, but Dan Joseph (playing Justice Roberts) does take his robe off at the end because of symbolism and stuff.

Watch it below. It’s perfect for the next time you’re DJing a Young Republicans party and want to bring things down a notch.

(h/t Chris Moody)

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