Hillary Clinton Continues Pandering to Millennials, Talks Selfies and Game Apps on Ellen

imageedit_59_8276157055The Hillary Clinton campaign for President of Cool Young People continued today with an appearance on Ellen. She spoke thoughtfully with host Ellen DeGeneres on the struggles of being a powerful women held to antiquated, gendered standards and about the importance of kindness, but moved quickly onto topics that are more on-brand for her campaign to win those sweet, sweet Millennial votes.

She touched on the selfie she took with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian-West in August, sharing that Kardashian-West’s phone has lights around it to create the perfect selfie lighting.

“It makes anybody look better!” she exclaimed. “I’ve been desperately looking for one of those with no luck, so if anybody knows where you can get one…” (Secretary Clinton, if I may be so bold, it is a LuMee and you can get one here.)

After sharing her favorite tip for selfie-taking — i.e. have a tall person with long arms take the shot — the former senator moved on to a popular game app called Heads Up. For those who don’t know, Heads Up is charades that you pay $0.99 to download to your phone. This money suck is somehow very popular among Millennials, which makes it catnip to the Clinton campaign. If you’ve ever wanted to see Hillary Clinton act out attending an aerobics class, going to the dentist, and being chased by paparazzi, check out the video above!

[Image via screengrab.]

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