Hillary Clinton Has Exclusive Emojis But Some of Them Are Pretty Questionable


We already know that Hillary Clinton loves emojis. (She loves selfies! She loves Snapchat! She loves 5G internet! She loves being cool!) Today, following in the footsteps of selfie partner Kim Kardashian, the presidential candidate was given her own exclusive emojis. .

The problem is that some of the Hillarymojis are sort of…controversial. Look:

There is a green-clad Hillarymoji very clearly reenacting the infamous, “What difference does it make?” moment from the Benghazi hearings. Then, she appears to look bored in what are also a similar pose and outfit to what she was seen in during the hearings:

Our own Alex Griswold noticed another of the more questionable additions:

As shocking as all of this is, it should be noted that Clinton and her campaign did not endorse the Hillarymoji app. This is the work of someone completely unrelated to the candidate, in fact, which makes a little more sense, given she already knew that her responses during the hearings didn’t look good to some people.

It was confirmed by Fortune that the app is not affiliated with the campaign.

Jake Tapper predicted that “What difference does it make?” would reappear in the 2016 election cycle, but he probably didn’t think it would be like this.

[image via Twitter]

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