‘Benghazi’ Trends #1 on Twitter After Trump Claims Republicans Never Investigated Obama

Tapper: If Obama Made Comments Like Trump’s During Benghazi Investigation, There Would’ve Been Calls for Impeachment

Judge Jeanine Pirro Links Robert Mueller to Benghazi

Former Benghazi Committee Chair Trey Gowdy: ‘I Was Not Hyper-Focused’ on Hillary Clinton

Greg Gutfeld: Liberals Mocked Fox News for Covering Benghazi So Much, But Russia ‘Is Their Benghazi’

GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz Non-Ironically Calls Russia Investigation the ‘Next Benghazi’

Don Lemon Wrecks Ben Ferguson in Shouting Match for the Ages: ‘I Don’t Want to Hear About Benghazi!’

Sarah Sanders: Niger-Benghazi Comparisons Are ‘Cheap Attempt’ to Taint Trump’s Presidency

Steve Rattner: We Don’t Want to Turn Niger Into ‘Another Witch Hunt Like Benghazi’

Sen. Inhofe to S.E. Cupp: Comparing Niger to Benghazi ‘Makes Me Physically Sick’

S.E. Cupp: You Want Answers On Benghazi? You Should Want Answers About Niger

Twitter Ridicules Trump and Trey Gowdy on Niger-Benghazi Parallels: ‘Where is the Outrage?’

Benghazi Survivor Responds to Hillary’s Tweet on Hurricane Damage: Wish You Had Sense of Urgency in Libya

Jesse Watters Defends Trump From Media Criticism: What About Benghazi?

Benghazi’s Back! Judge Orders State Dept to Obtain Emails From Clinton Aides

Why Did Donald Trump Disrespect the Memory of All Those Soldiers Who Died in Iraq?

Tomi Lahren Smacks Down Maher Guest Who Tries to Call Her Out on Benghazi

Schumer on Russia Inquiry: ‘I Don’t Want This to Turn Into a Benghazi Investigation’

Chris Wallace: Dem Chatter on Russia Has ‘A Little Bit of a Feeling of Payback for Benghazi’

Curt Schilling Loves This ‘Awesome’ T-Shirt Calling for Lynching Journalists (UPDATE)

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