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Hoosiers Filmmakers Fire Terse Statement Towards Pence After Veep Praises Film Classic


It is, perhaps, unsurprising to learn that former Indiana Governor and current Vice President Mike Pence considers Hoosiers to be “the greatest sports movie ever made.” On Thursday, per a pool report, Pence screened the classic for everyone on board Air Force Two while flying to Sydney.

But the filmmakers did not return Pence’s lofty compliment in kind. In an email to MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki, Hoosiers director David Anspaugh and writer Angelo Pizzo responded to Pence’s praise with a political statement.

We would hope that the Vice President talks to his boss about the most important thematic through line in the movie, in that nothing can be accomplished without working together for the same goal, pulling in the same direction, “five pistons firing at the same time”. If the Huskers were made up of today’s Republicans and Democrats, Hickory’s record would have been 0-20, which is unfortunately how most people Washington (sic) now.

The filmmakers — who also teamed up on the acclaimed sports film Rudy — have been largely out of the limelight for the past quarter-century. Each took lengthy breaks (Per iMDB, Anspaugh has only directed one film since 2006, while Pizzo wrote just one film in the 22 years that followed Rudy)

But Hoosiers has endured, and is, in the eyes of many observers including Pence, a classic sports film.

This latest dust-up calls to mind another occasion when the Vice President received a political statement while taking in some entertainment. Shortly after the election, then Vice President-Elect Pence went to see Hamilton — the Broadway musical phenomenon. Cast member Brandon Dixon addressed Pence from the stage after the performance, calling on Pence “to uphold our American values and to work on behalf of all of us.”

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