How to Watch President Donald Trump’s First Address to Congress

In this election year, the State of the Union presidential address will be not formally held, but in its place President Donald Trump will speak to Congress on Tuesday, February 28 in the first such speech of his administration. Reports indicate that Stephen Miller will again craft Trump’s message, but senior counselor to the president Kellyanne Conway recently shed a bit of light into what the American people can expect out of the primetime address.

“One can expect the president to put forth a detailed and deliberative recitation of the many things he’s accomplished in the first 40 days,” Conway said recently. “He’s his own best spokesperson and messenger in terms of [outlining] completely the list of achievements that are either largely ignored or unknown.”

All of the main cable news network will be carrying exclusive coverage of the speech, complete with day-long programming to correspond with the event.

Watch full speech above (starting at 30:00), via PBS.

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