Howard Dean: People Around Obama Have No Idea What Happens Outside Of D.C.

Remember way back two weeks ago when Robert Gibbs pissed much of the media off with his complaint about the “professional left“? Oh those pleasant days of early August.

Well, Howard Dean does, and he circled back to it today on CNN’s State of the Union telling Candy Crowley that the real problem is not the “professional left” which doesn’t really exist, but the “people around the president [who] have really misjudged what goes on elsewhere in the country.” Not the President, mind you, just “his political people.” Presumably Dean is referring not only to Gibbs here, but Rahm Emanuel as well, something that becomes more apparent when he notes that the “average Democrat is a progressive and there are some things are upsetting about the deals that were made by the President’s people on health care.”

Nevertheless, now that Dean’s had his chance to complain he thinks it’s time to “put that stuff behind us” so that the Dems can win in November, because “you can’t get anything done” unless you have a Democratic President, a Democratic Senate, and a Democratic House (notwithstanding 2009?). Because the GOP is the party of No: “Name one single constructive issue the Republicans have put forward.” Watch below.

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