‘I am the Fake News’: Comedian Tells Mediaite How InfoWars Article Led to Petition to Have Him Fired . . . From Job He Doesn’t Have


Mediaite’s Travis Irvine caught up with New York comedian Stephen Spinola to ask him about being targeted by InfoWars over a Twitter joke he made about Barron Trump. It turned into a petition signed by over 100,000 people calling for him to be fired from a job he doesn’t have.

In case you missed it, InfoWars editor Paul Joseph Watson went after Spinola over a since-deleted tweet where he joked about Barron being a “date-rapist-to-be.” Watson falsely claimed that Spinola was a Comedy Central writer and soon enough, a petition on Change.org demanding he be terminated from his non-existent position popped up.

Spinola has addressed this matter on Facebook and spoke to Irvine about how crazy this whole thing is. After summarizing the situation, Spinola said that he’s “literally the victim of fake news.”

“I am the fake news,” the comedian said. “I’m not very political and I do not like any of the stuff that’s been going on in politics and the whole fake news stuff has been ridiculous as is, and to now just wake up and become it is the most ridiculous thing I can imagine.”

Check out the video above to see what Spinola has to say about how this could impact his career and what he’d like to tell Barron now.

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