‘I Thought He Knew More Than the Generals’: Joy Behar Zings Trump For Confusion Over Flynn


During the campaign season, Donald Trump infamously said that he knows “more than the generals” do about ISIS.

Fast forward to February of 2017. Trump did not know more than General Mike Flynn about the National Security Advisor’s chats with Russian officials. Trump may have known about Flynn talking to the officials, but only Flynn seems to know the extent of what was said.

On The View today, the panel discussed Flynn’s resignation and Joy Behar sarcastically quipped, “I thought he knew more than the generals! He knows everything else, right?

“There’s no way that he didn’t know about it,” seethed Jedediah Bila. “Everyone went and said, ‘Look, this could potentially compromise our national security because this guy may potentially get bribed.’ Then what happens? Kellyanne Conway has the responsibility to be informed. This is falling on the heels of her having that huge controversy promoting Ivanka [Trump]’s line and now she’s out there talking about, ‘I didn’t know.’ No, it’s your job to know and it’s Donald Trump’s job to know. If there is someone in your administration that could potentially jeopardize our national security, that becomes our problem and it’s your job to protect us. That’s your one job!”

Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that this is just what happens when people are appointed to positions “just to piss people off.” Then, she and Sunny Hostin took it upon themselves to do something that would, in her words, piss Trump off: they referred to Steve Bannon as “President Bannon” while discussing what role Bannon played in Flynn’s appointment and resignation.

Watch above.

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