If Not Leo, Then Who?: Emma Stone Vindicates DiCaprio, Says He Handed Over ‘Best Actress’ Card Before Big Mistake

There are many, many mysteries surrounding what happened tonight at the Oscars when Best Picture was announced. In the coming days, we will learn more about how the voting and envelope-stuffing processes work, but for tonight, we have to focus on what we do know.

First, Emma Stone won Best Actress. Then, her film, La La Land, was announced as Best Picture. Then, that was rescinded — two speeches from La La Land crew members into the initial acceptance, mind you — so that Moonlight could be given the award, which it apparently really won.

Twitter theorists began to note that last year’s Best Actor winner Leonardo DiCaprio had been the one holding Stone’s Best Actress envelope before she won, so he must have failed to give it to her along with her statue, causing the card to be accidentally reused when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway took the stage.

The videos above and below disprove that theory. Above, watch Stone insist during an after-ceremony presser that DiCaprio gave her the envelope after she won. Below, see her actually holding the envelope as she walks off-stage.

So, we still don’t know who is responsible for the mix-up, but if leaks come as quickly from the Oscars as they do the White House, we will very soon.

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