Instead of Deleting Tweet With Typo, NPR Punishes Itself Like a Naughty Grade-Schooler


Sometimes, social media can provide some respite from otherwise hectic events. For instance, every once in a whileHillary Clinton‘s social media team delivers a real zinger to Donald Trump, offering up just a little levity. Today, NPR used Twitter to poke fun at themselves, effectively doing the same.

Here’s what their first tweet said:

Sort of a bummer of a story, right? People are leaving the teaching profession because of a lack of — wait… what’s a “budket”?

Instead of the hasty deletion that usually comes after a typo, they followed up their little mistake with this:

Cute, right? Granted, it’s a schtick that has a shelf life of exactly one tweet, but judging by its number of replies and retweets, it’s charming nonetheless.

Naturally, there were plenty of Keeping Up Appearances jokes to be made…

…and all of the reactions seem pretty positive.

Cheers to good social media teams!

[image via screengrab]

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