Curt Schilling’s Trump Rally Over the Weekend Was a Lonely Affair

curt-schillingCurt Schilling hosted a Donald Trump campaign rally outside City Hall Plaza in Boston Saturday. It didn’t go well.

The pictures below, via WVCB photographer, show the former Red Sox pitcher with a disappointed look on his face as he observed the tiny crowd of just a handful of Trump supporters gathered on a cold, dreary afternoon.

Meanwhile, Schilling is set to take to the airwaves starting Tuesday morning. The former ESPN broadcaster is launching a new, two hour daily online radio show for Breitbart called Whatever it Takes According to a press release, the show will feature discussion on politics, culture, current affairs, and “perhaps some sports.”

Calling Breitbart “the last bastion of actual journalism,” Schilling said, “I am proud to be part of a team that will continue to point out the very thing that’s ruining this country: liberal, progressive, socialist agenda driven by the elite globalist connected to American politics and the Clinton family.”

[image via SiriusXM]

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