Iraqi Asylum-Seeker Beaten by Fellow Refugees for Wearing ‘I’m Muslim, Don’t Panic’ T-Shirt

Local reports from Germany say that an asylum-seeking refugee was hospitalized after fellow Muslims beat him up for wearing a shirt with a satirical joke about Islam.

A report from the Daily Mail indicates that a 23-year old Iraqi migrant tried to make light of all the suspicions toward Middle-Easterners fleeing from violence, and he bought a shirt reading “I’m Muslim, Don’t Panic.” Unfortunately, fellow Islamic migrants reportedly accused him of mocking the religion, and they decided to beat him up as he was returning to his home in Berlin.

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The three attackers ripped the shirt off the man and fled the scene, but the Daily Mail says two suspects, one from Syria and one from Lebanon, were arrested and charged for the “aggravated grievous bodily harm”.

[Image via CEN / Just Muslim]

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