It Looks Like Trump Was the Only One Who Brought Up John Podesta at G20 Summit


Early this morning, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to express some thoughts about his time at the G20 Summit in Germany. One observation he shared was that the one subject “everyone” was talking about was John Podesta and how he refused to give the Democratic National Committee’s server over to the FBI and CIA.

Now, besides the fact that Podesta was never head of the DNC and thus would never have had any say in what was done with the committee’s server, it also appears that by “everyone,” the president was referring to just himself.

According to The Daily Beast, Trump aides weren’t really clear what the president was referencing in his tweet. They also said that the only one bringing up Podesta at the summit was Trump.

The tweet baffled White House aides on the trip. “I have no idea what he’s talking about,” one messaged The Daily Beast. Officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not cleared to discuss the bizarre tweet.

According to those present, the only world leader at the summit who was actively bringing up Podesta and “the DNC server” was the U.S. president.

A senior official told the Beast that “Trump himself brought it up” on a random basis while speaking to staff. It was noted that advisers “nodded politely or ignored him” when he decided to address the subject, especially since the hacking of Podesta’s emails are central to the whole Trump/Russia collusion investigation.

Following Trump’s tweet this morning, Podesta responded via Twitter, calling the president a “whack job” while telling him to “get a grip.”

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