‘It’s the Absolute Worst of Trump’s Personality’: Halperin Gives Grim Assessment of CIA Speech


The opening panel for MSNBC’s Morning Joe took on the weekend of controversies for the fresh-faced Trump administration, beginning with Sean Spicer‘s combative press conference and the President’s allegedly tone-deaf message at the CIA.

“This was a tale of two weekends,” said Joe Scarborough, indicating that the pro-Trump good feelings in our nation’s capital quickly gave way to hundreds of thousands of protestors who took to the streets as part of the Women’s March on Washington. “You look at the first full day in the White House for this President: it could not have gone worse.”

Mark Halperin of Bloomberg notably added, “As for this White House’s performance: governments lie all the time,” he said. “Usually they lie about big things. This was a series of lies from the President, from his spokesman, that were unnecessary,” he said of the combative tone surrounding inauguration crowd size.

“But I think most disturbing was what the President did at the CIA,” Halperin continued. “To stand in front of the wall of people who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country with no credit because they’re anonymous and to talk about himself that way — I think that confirms the worst feelings people had. People say there’s a good Trump and a bad Trump. It’s the absolute worst of Donald Trump‘s personality.”

“It could not have gone worse; it could not have been more concerning,” Scarborough added at one point, as the conversation shifted onto the fact that the White House staff is comprised of people who have never served in a White House administration before. “They better get somebody in there who has been to this rodeo before.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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