Jake Tapper Rips ‘Liberals Dancing On The Grave’ of Gun Activist Who Committed Suicide



On Tuesday, CNN’s Jake Tapper blasted leftists who slimed Bob Owens on Twitter, after the news broke that the pro-Second Amendment blogger reportedly committed suicide by a self-inflicted gun shot.

Tapper first re-Tweeted a post from Townhall.com’s Matt Vespa, who had linked to an item by Ed Morissey. The HotAir writer paid tribute to his “colleague and…friend” Owens, and linked to a GoFundMe page for the deceased activist’s family.

The CNN anchor also posted his own message of sympathy on social media.

Four hours later, Twitter user/podcaster Will Menaker responded to Tapper by pointing out a February 2017 post by Owens that attacked Trayvon Martin as a “3rd world thug.” Menaker sarcastically added, “Yes Jake, this is indeed a terrible loss.”

Tapper responded just a minute later by rebuking the podcaster.

This post provoked responses from several Twitter users with blue checkmarks. Canadian actor/screenwriter Jacob Tierney chimed in minutes later and accused the Jewish journalist of having sympathy for the supposedly racist supporters of Owens.

It only took Tapper six minutes to respond with his “dancing on the grave” blast.

Internet artist Leon Chang then mocked the CNN anchor, which drew a terse eight-word retort from Tapper.

New Yorker magazine writer Maura Quint also offered some criticism that was more constructive than Tierney and Chang’s.

Tapper wasn’t the only person blasting the ghoulish Tweets about Owens’s death. Townhall.com’s Kurt Schlichter unleashed in a Twitter post on Tuesday afternoon.

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