James Comey: Matt Whitaker is Not the ‘Sharpest Knife In Our Drawer’


Former FBI Director James Comey mocked Matt Whitaker‘s intelligence on Tuesday when asked if the acting Attorney General will try to end Robert Mueller‘s investigation.

During an interview with WGBH News in Boston, Comey said he doubts Whitaker will try to rein in Mueller because he knows there would be legal ramifications if he tries it.

“I think it’s a worry, but to my mind, not a serious worry. The institution is too strong and he frankly is not strong enough to have that kind of impact. He may not be the sharpest knife in our drawer, but he can see his future and knows that if he acted in an extra legal way, he would go down in history for the wrong reasons and I’m sure he doesn’t want that.”

Whitaker’s appointment to temporarily replace Jeff Sessions has been fraught with controversy due to the former’s on-the-record opposition to Mueller’s investigation. Despite concerns that the special counsel investigation could be shut down prematurely, Mueller released a statement earlier this month to acknowledge that Whitaker’s appointment has no legal bearing on the probe.

“Acting Attorney General Whitaker’s designation neither alters the Special Counsel’s authority to represent the United States nor raises any jurisdictional issue. The Special Counsel continues to exercise the same authority, and the jurisdiction of the district court and this Court is intact.”

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