Jay Leno Hijacks Tonight Show Monologue to Hit Clinton and Trump Week Before Election


It must have felt like homecoming for comedian Jay Leno last night who not only returned to the Tonight Show monologue stage but also delivered his best zingers about the Clintons and Donald Trump, popular targets over his many years helming the NBC show.

Although Jimmy Fallon moved the franchise back to New York City (Leno hosted from its Burbank studio), the former host was right at home, tagging out Fallon to weigh in on the 2016 race and candidates. In his signature set-up-and-punch monologue style, Leno joked, “The state of New York is suing Trump University for 40 million dollars claiming its not a real college because the students did not get a good education and could not find jobs after they graduated.”

He continued, “Dunno, sounds like a real college to me!”

Leno, who famously (or infamously) assumed the hosting job of the show after Johnny Carson, continued by aiming some of his topical jokes at Anthony Weiner. “Here’s a question nobody has asked — Anthony Weiner is Jewish, right?” he said to the 30 Rock crowd.

“So does this scandal make him a Hebrew National Weiner?” RIMSHOT.

“Two Milwaukee men were arrested this week trying to join ISIS. You know their excuse? They said, ‘Hey, no one else is hiring!'” RIMSHOT.

“The economy is so bad Forbes came out with its annual list of the 400 Richest Americans, and 200 of them have moved back in with their parents!” CLASSIC LENO RIMSHOT.

The only things missing were the classic cars and sweet, sweet denim. Watch Leno’s return to the Tonight Show stage above from NBC.

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