Jerry Seinfeld and Patton Oswalt Mock Olbermann’s ‘Beyond Lateral’ Move to Sports

Jerry Seinfeld’s web series “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee” returned for a third season this month and in Thursday’s new episode, Patton Oswalt took a ride in a DeLorean with Seinfeld to check out the hipster scene of downtown Brooklyn. The comics riffed on many topics, but one highlight was their reaction to Keith Olbermann’s move from politics to sports.

“When you watch Keith Olbermann now, doing a wrap up of a baseball game, after being this insane political demagogue,” Seinfeld said, before emphasizing that he “likes” Olbermann. “But this career move is a pretty funny one to me.”

“It’s beyond lateral — it’s sideways reversal,” Oswalt agreed. “He was all but calling out the commander in chief to step down, and now he’s saying–”

“You can’t take a lead that big off of second in the seventh inning,” Seinfeld said, finishing Oswalt’s bit. “With the same energy.”

This is just one of the many brilliant insights that arise when a pair comic minds like these two come together for a cup of coffee.

Watch video below, via Crackle:

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