Jim Carrey Denies His Own Existence in Nuts Fashion Week Interview


It’s New York Fashion Week, and that means a sharply dressed Jim Carrey is showing up on red carpets to deliver bonkers interviews.

Carrey attended a Harper’s Bazaar event for NYFW, and was interviewed on the red carpet by E! host Catt Saddler, which kicked off with the actor circling Saddler several times before launching into a nihilistic diatribe which included questioning his own existence.

“There’s no meaning to all of this,” the actor lamented. “I wanted to find the most meaningless thing to come to, and join, and here I am.”

“I mean you got to admit, it’s completely meaningless,” Carrey said to Saddler.

When the E! host reminded him that the event is meant to honor “icons”, Carrey asked incredulously “do you believe in icons?”

“I don’t believe in personalities,” Carrey continued. “I don’t believe that you exist, but there is a wonderful fragrance in the air.”

“I believe we’re a field of energy dancing for itself. And, I don’t care,” he said.

When Saddler asked about Carrey’s outfit, the Ace Ventura star replied “I didn’t get dressed up, there is no me.”

“There’s just things happening. And there are clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together.”

And finally, his parting remarks: “Here’s the thing, it’s not our world. We don’t matter. There’s the good news.”

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