Joe Scarborough Says ‘It Hurts So Much’ Watching His Friends ‘Lying Every Day’ About Health Care

Morning Joe opened with regular order Thursday hammering all things Trump and his cohort of swamp Republicans. As the GOP’s zombie frankenstein monster of an Obamacare replacement bill geared up for a last stand in the Senate, Joe came out strong (again) against the legislation.

The ex-Republican Congressman blasted his old colleagues, who he said were “lying” on television about what was going on.

“Some of my friends — and they are friends and that’s why it hurts so much — are getting on TV and lying every day to the American people. Lying through their teeth about what’s in this bill and what’s not in this bill.”

In addition to that, JScar said that passing the bill without a CBO score, committee hearings, and the other trappings of regular order was a violation of the Conservative principles that all his friends profess to stand for.

“That is something Edmund Burke would have called radical, something that Russel Kirk would have called radical, something William Buckley would have called radical, something that — in his time — Paul Ryan would have called radical,” he said. “You can’t order 1/6 of the American economy without a committee hearing.”

“I feel like you’ve said this before” said Mika Brzezinski

It’s Déjà Vu for us too, Mika.


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