John Oliver Slams Tucker Carlson: ‘A Successful Nation Can Produce Some Truly Failed Human Beings’


On Sunday night, John Oliver took shots at Tucker Carlson while discussing President Trump‘s travel ban, which was partially reinstated by the Supreme Court.

Oliver said the ban itself is “shameful” for leaving thousands of refugees “in the lurch,” but then he turned to the Fox News host, who he referred to as a “human lacrosse stick,” for tweeting this last week:

He said that question “made the Statue of Liberty give up and drown herself in the Hudson River.”

“If I may just point out, Tucks,” Oliver continued, “just because a nation is failing doesn’t mean it can’t produce some amazing people, just as, and I think we all know who Exhibit A for this is, a successful nation can produce some truly failed human beings. #Tucker.”

He concluded by calling the ban “cruel, unnecessary, and undermines our standing in the world.”

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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