Morning Joe Weighs In On Trump Wrestling Tweet: ‘America Has Gone Off The Reservation’


While you may have planned on a quiet Fourth of July weekend, President Donald Trump decided to drop another bomb into the media cycle with his tweet punching CNN in a mockup clip from his Wrestlemania cameo days.

On the set of Morning Joe on Monday, Willie Geist, filling in for Joe and Mika on vacation, led a discussion of panelists about their initial gut reactions to the tweet.

Though rarely taking a star turn on this website, the most colorful description of the kerfuffle went to show mainstay Katty Kay. In her clipped British accent, Kay say that the entire episode reinforced the idea around the world that “America has gone off the reservation.”

“If you take just in isolation that whatever 15 seconds, it’s hard not to see somebody punching somebody in the face,” she said. “This is getting a huge amount of coverage in other countries and looks totally crazy. It really looks like America has gone off the reservation in some ways. I don’t mean the president. I mean the whole coverage of it, the fact that this is all that anybody is talking about at a time when there are huge issues going on around the world. this is pre-occupying the country.”

Geist then stressed how it was important to remember how this was the President of the United States and we should all continue to remember express a requisite amount of amazement whenever stuff like this happens.

What a time to be alive.

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