John Podesta Fires Back at ‘Whack Job POTUS’: ‘Get a Grip Man,’ You’re at G20


After being invoked by the president ahead of the G20 Summit, John Podesta has a message for Donald Trump: “Get a grip man!”

As Trump prepares to meet with world leaders today, he tweeted that everyone in Hamburg is talking about the “disgraceful” former campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton. It’s not entirely clear why Trump decided to target Podesta, though Mediaite previously noted that it could have something to do with a news article about Podesta’s time as a board member for Joule Unlimited, a green-energy company that received $35 million from the Russian government.

In any event, Podesta noticed Trump’s tweets, and he’s returning the favor:

UPDATE –– 4:12 pm ET: Podesta has now written a lengthier response in The Washington Post, which says, in part:

As president, Trump is supposed to be doing his job representing the United States in a respectable fashion to make sure we maintain and enhance our standing around the world. Instead, he has his face glued to his phone. It’s really sad that the U.S. president can’t get his head in the game even at the G-20 summit of world leaders.

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