Jonathan Capehart: We Should Accept Expelled Oklahoma Student’s Apology

Despite former University of Oklahoma student Levi Pettit‘s unequivocal apology for participating in his fraternity’s racist chant, Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart noticed many people suggesting the mea culpa should not be accepted.

“I am sorry, deeply sorry,” Pettit said in a televised press conference, flanked by African-American leaders and members of clergy. “I am so sorry for the pain I have caused, and I want all of you to know that directly from me. Although I don’t deserve it, I ask for your forgiveness…. Without question, my words on that bus were disgusting and these words should never be repeated under any circumstance.”

One Twitter follower told Capehart that the apology was just a sword-falling stunt, the MSNBC contributor wrote in a Post column: “I get that sentiment. But watching Pettit, the reason is clear. He is the only one with enough guts to meet with those he offended, apologize to them and do so publicly.”

Capehart concluded: “Pettit will be making amends for the rest of his life. His efforts should be met with open minds and open hearts.”

And he further elaborated upon his premise this afternoon:

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