Journalists Get in the Weirdest Twitter Fight Over Cyber-Bullying, Mockery Ensues

Earlier this week it was journalists literally fighting each other for space, now it’s a war between two journalists in cyberspace. Reporters Eli Lake and Mike Elk have been in a spat of sorts for the past day, culminating in Elk calling Lake a cyberbully. Lake is a 41-year-old journalist for The Daily Beast, so naturally, other Twitterers found this label rather amusing.

It started off innocently enough on Thursday, with Elk accusing Lake’s foreign reporting of causing countless, needless deaths, and challenging him to a debate.

But instead of just leaving it at that, Elk kept on the warpath all of yesterday and into today, calling Lake a cyberbully.

That’s when the mockery followed, leading to this classic Twitter exchange.

A hashtag was borne of the rift, and that’s when things really took off.

Don’t you just love Twitter?

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