Journalists Haven’t Really Been Getting Letters From the Unabomber

Here are two things we know:

1. The Unabomber has not been sending letters to journalists…

2. …except for the letter he sent saying he hasn’t been sending letters to journalists.

You’ve heard of Ted Kaczynski, yes? He’s a famous murderer who is serving a number of consecutive life sentences in a super max prison, but that hasn’t stopped him from sending letters to the press in the past. For a while there, it looked like he sent one to Lawrence Wright of the New Yorker, but now, it appears that one was fake.

See, Andrew Kaczynski, who has no relation to the prolific killer, reached out for an interview and though the Unabomber declined, he also said that “some creep” was pretending to be him and has been sending out letters using his name.

The letter came with this permission:

The real Kaczynski (killer, not journalist) went on to say he will not be giving any interviews and does not necessarily share the “creep’s” viewpoints. He then took aim at journalists in general for believing that the letters were coming from him in the first place. Read his entire letter here.

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