Kanye West Endorses YouTube Personality Who Regularly Appears on InfoWars


Add this to the growing list of things we did not anticipate a Donald Trump administration would usher in: Kanye West, alt-right icon.

Kanye’s road from Jay-Z’s beat-maker to right-wing internet hero has been an unexpected one. He was once known as the artist who mainstreamed conscious rapping with songs like “All Falls Down” and “Diamonds Are Forever,” the man who once declared “Bush doesn’t care about black people” live on NBC.

But Kanye shocked fans when he met with the incoming president at Trump Tower in 2016. He reviled fans when he took one of his trademark concert rants to declare that he would’ve voted for Trump in the election had he cast a ballot.

West retreated from the spotlight for some time after the blowback he faced for his Trump comments. But now he’s very much back on online, and has apparently been spending a little too much time in the annals of YouTube.

“I love the way Candace Owens thinks,” West tweeted on Saturday.

To those with the good fortune of being uninitiated, Candace Owens is an internet personality who made a name for herself railing against Black Lives Matter and liberals on YouTube.

She is a frequent guest on InfoWars, and recently joined Turning Points USA, Charlie Kirk’s factory of aggrieved teens.

Owens reacted with glee to Kanye’s shoutout, asking for him to “help wake up the black community.”

Kanye announced on Friday that he is set to release two albums — one solo, one with Kid Cudi — in June. If things keep going this way, we might just get the Kanye x Joy Villa collaboration we’ve all been pining for.

Fans of Kanye West (still holding out a hope for the once universally revered rap superstar) reacted to the revelation that he’s been soaking his brain in InfoWars personalities with sadness:

The Dilbert guy, on the other hand, had a different take:

As did renowned nut (and sitcom star!) Roseanne Barr, who seconded Kanye’s endorsement.

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