Krauthammer Defends Trump After WaPo Report: ‘Only Implication Here Is That He is Unschooled’


If the stunning Washington Post report that President Donald Trump leaked classified information to the Russian ambassador and Foreign Minister is accurate, the question becomes: Was it a mistake, or was it deliberate?

Charles Krauthammer says it’s the former.

Appearing on Special Report, the conservative commentator does not believe the disclosure was done with malice. But he does believe that the President may have acted in an “unschooled” manner.

Of all the probabilities, the idea he was acting as a Manchurian candidate feeding information to his Russian operatives and controllers is ridiculous. The only implication here is that he’s unschooled. This is his first go around with sensitive information and he might’ve slipped up. If he did, it’s not good. On the other hand, if it’s not deliberate, it’s not exactly a high crime and misdemeanor.

Fellow panelist Juan Williams took umbrage with Krauthhammer’s assessment, given the questions surrounding Trump’s relationship with Russia.

“In the context of the moment, given his questions about his relationship with Russia, that he would invite not only the foreign minister but the ambassador into the Oval Office,” Williams said. “And…also invite the Russian press at a time when he wasn’t inviting the American press. People were concerned about leaving all kinds of devices in the Oval Office. This is what is creating so much attention to this report from the Washington Post.”

“This context is irrelevant,” Krauthammer said.

“Not at all,” Williams said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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