Kristen Bell’s Mary Poppins Just Wants a Minimum Wage Increase

Funny or Die is on a roll with a new series of videos that use comedy to make the case for raising the minimum wage. Last week we saw actor Harry Hamlin take on the role of a clueless House Speaker John Boehner, inadvertently arguing that a federal minimum wage hike is the only way to lift many American workers out of poverty.

Now, we have Kristen Bell embodying a modern day Mary Poppins, who wants to care for his young charges through song, but needs a just a little more money to do so. Unfortunately, her magical powers do not entitle her to more than $7.25 and hour. As she sings to the tune of “A Spoonful of Sugar,” “Just a three dollar increase, can make a living wage.”

When Poppins comes face-to-face with a mirror image that seems to disagree with her, she asks, “Are you a Republican?”

“I do like a good tea party,” her doppelgänger says in return.

Watch video below, via Funny or Die:

[Photo via screengrab]

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