Larry Wilmore Rips Sarah Palin for Emerging From Her ‘Frozen Igloo Bullsh*t Shack’


If you’re not watching the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central, there’s no doubt that you’re missing out on some of the best 2016 election coverage anywhere in the late night comedy landscape. And Wilmore’s target on Thursday night? None other than the newly emerging threat from the GOP: former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who this week emphatically endorsed Donald Trump for the Presidency.

Off of the reveal that Governor Palin appeared to link her veteran son Track Palin‘s arrest to his PTSD — and then linking THAT to the failed foreign policy and veteran care of President Barack Obama — Wilmore went nuts. “Calm down Larry, calm down,” the host had to tell himself.

If you needed proof of just how good Wilmore’s rhetoric can be on the top political stories of the day, just read for yourself how he skewered Palin:

Um, excuse me, but you can’t just crawl out of your frozen igloo bullshit shack once every election cycle just so you can become nauseatingly relevant and spew recycled partisan crazy sauce all over everybody.

Wilmore continued to slam Palin for “Pimp[ing] out your own son and his problems,” noting that the epidemic of post traumatic stress disorder on our veterans is a very serious issue and not one that is meant to be politicized.

“You’re saying Obama’s a horrible President — I’m saying you’re a horrible human,” the host shot out to a stirring applause from the crowd.

And at the end, unapologetically: “Please, for the love of God: leave us the fuck alone.”

Watch the above video from Comedy Central.

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