Ingraham and Gingrich NOT Impressed w/ Scaramucci Affair: ‘Humiliating to the President’

Filling in for Tucker Carlson on Thursday night, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham and former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich decided to compare and contrast the handling of White House infighting by two of the more prominent figures involved, Attorney General Jeff Sessions and new White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci.

Ingraham and Gingrich praise the “gentlemanly” approach by Sessions. Scaramucci on the other hand….not so much.

“He’s doing the work and advancing the agenda that Donald Trump won so startlingly and so successfully on in November,” said Ingraham of Sessions. “He’s very gentlemanly, very gentile. He was hurt by the comments. That’s a natural response.”

“Compare that to this interview that Scaramucci gave to The New Yorker,” Ingraham told Gingrich. “It’s filled with expletives, trashing Steve Bannon, who has been carrying the conservative populist banner for years, loyal to this President. Trashing Reince Priebus, who’s been working really hard in the administration regardless of what people say about how effective he is.”

“That’s just a study in contrast and also another example of the administration stepping on it’s good news.”

Gingrich appeared more concerned by the fact that the “soap opera” unfolding before our eyes is distracting from what he believes to be important and positive economic news.

“Trump is actually getting a lot of big things done and the soap opera blocks you from seeing the big things,” the former Speaker said before touting the mass repeal of regulations and Trump’s upcoming tax plan.

“The White House should focus on actually solving real things and people should work together and realize that the primary opponents are outside the White House they’re not inside the White House,” Gingrich said.

According to Ingraham, “Even if you’re a “straight shooter, sometimes these fights are better settled behind closed doors rather than in public.”

“I like Scaramucci,” Ingraham said, “but this incident is humiliating to the President.”

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