Jeffrey Lord Slams GOP Over Health Care: ‘I’m Embarrassed for These People’

Speaking with Anderson Cooper on Thursday night, CNN contributor Jeffrey Lord slammed Republicans in Congress for what he deems to be their pathetic attempt and failure to accomplish what they’ve been promising the American people they would do for years – repeal and replace ObamaCare.

While awaiting the health care “vote-a-roaa,” Lord voicedhis extreme disappointment with GOP leadership regarding health care.

“I’m embarrassed for these people,” he said. “This has been an absolutely abysmal performance here.”

Lord noted just how long the GOP has been promising to repeal ObamaCare if the voters only gave them the chance. And now, despite having both chambers of Congress and the Presidency under their control, the GOP still hasn’t gotten a deal done.

“Seven years of saying they are gonna do this,” Lord said. “‘Just give us the House.’ They got the House. ‘Just give us the Senate.’ They got the Senate. ‘Give us the White House.’ They’ve got them all now and this is what’s going on here.”

CNN’s most prominent Trump-backer noted, in closing, “This is atrocious political behavior. I just think they’ve lost their backbone here.”

Watch above via CNN.

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