Laura Ingraham’s Website Falsely IDs Photo from NBA Title Parade as ‘Trump Supporters’ (UPDATE)


Well, this is awkward.

Conservative radio host and loyal Trump supporter Laura Ingraham used her website to post a very flattering photo of the president’s recent Phoenix campaign rally. Only one little problem — the picture she used had nothing to do with Trump or his rally.

At the top of the site on Thursday, an image of a large crowd was shown with the caption “5 miles of Trump supporters waiting to meet POTUS in Phoenix.” But, as Andrew Kaczynski of CNN’s KFILE pointed out, the photo was actually from last year’s NBA championship parade for the Cleveland Cavaliers.


As The Daily Beast reported yesterday, an Ohio-based social media marketer has made it a mission to fool conservative media and Twitter accounts into posting the image as Trump supporters anytime there’s a rally held by the president. He recently got @TEN-GOP, a pro-Trump Twitter account with a large following, to send it out and declare it came from the Phoenix rally.

Meanwhile, it doesn’t appear the president was even able to fill the Phoenix Convention Center on Tuesday night.

UPDATE 8:41 PM ET: As pointed out to us by LifeZette, this photo wasn’t posted on LifeZette but on Ingraham’s site, a separate entity. This piece has been corrected to reflect that.

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