comScore Gossip Cop Catches Fabricated or Misleading Headlines on All Six Major Tabloid Covers

Gossip Cop Catches Fabricated or Misleading Headlines on All Six Major Tabloid Covers

Celebrity news fact-checking site Gossip Cop found that all six major tabloids published false, misleading, or sensationalized cover stories this week.

“After spending time investigating with our reliable sources, we confirmed that every single publication was promoting falsehoods on their respective covers and within their stories,” said Gossip Cop writer Shari Weiss.

The tabloid In Touch published misleading information regarding the relationship of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. While the two have been divorced for over a decade, In Touch reported that Pitt confessed his love for the actress, which caused her to “break down.” However, a representative for Aniston called the story a “complete fabrication.”

The other false stories include the National Inquirer claiming Kelly Ripa and Megyn Kelly are headed for a “showdown,” OK! saying Aniston is expecting a “miracle baby,” Us Weekly covering a “Real Housewives of New Jersey” couple and claiming they’re headed for divorce, Star writing about a Sandra Bullock’s supposed new baby and new marriage, and Life & Style reporting that Miranda Lambert is vying for “revenge” against Blake Shelton. All of these stories were reported to be mostly false or entirely fabricated.

The Gossip Cop article explains:

“Covering celebrity news and entertainment can be fun. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be accurate… as long as gossip magazines continue prioritizing profits over real journalism, Gossip Cop will continue to bust bad dish and separate fact from fiction.”

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