‘Learn How to Behave’: Anderson Cooper Shuts Down Selfie-Seeker


Anderson Cooper is live in Canada tonight reporting on the horrific shooting outside Parliament earlier today. Vandon Gene, a contributor for Sun News, crossed paths with Cooper tonight in the middle of his report and asked him for a photo.

Cooper didn’t give Gene the reaction he felt he deserved, instead chewing him out and saying, “No, I will not take a photo with you on a day where someone was killed! It seems wildly inappropriate!”

Gene uploaded video of the encounter to YouTube, but was quick to take it down. Watch that below:

He then took to Twitter to rant at Cooper for being rude (all his tweets have since been taken down):

And remarkably, Cooper fired back:

Cooper has yet to tweet again, but Gene didn’t exactly let it go. Here are what the other tweets said, before he wisely decided to delete them:

Gene has hosted a show on the Tea Party News Network. His website describes him as a believer of “fair and balanced journalism” and someone who “asks the tough questions, digs deeper into the story, and follows it through to the end to get his viewers the answers.” Gene is also currently attending college in Ottawa.

UPDATE — Oct. 23, 10:46 a.m. ET: Gene issued an apology via Twitter:

[images via screengrab, @ChrisAlexand3r]

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