Lena Dunham Just Put Out a Book With Absolutely No Warning or Advertisement


Donald Trump might be elated that Lena Dunham could soon be packing up and shipping out to Canada, but you didn’t think that she wasn’t going to do her part to leave a bunch of women just like her behind to kick up a ruckus in her absence, did you? She dropped a book today and all of the proceeds are going toward enabling mentors to work with young female writers.

Really, the Dawn of Dunham is just beginning. She’s spawning. In fact, she’s been spawning for about an hour and a half since this puppy went on sale at noon EST.

That’s right: This chapbook of her young adult journal is already generating revenue for her clones, so if you were celebrating her big move north of the border, I guess the joke is on you because all of that money is going straight for the pockets of mentors who are eager to produce young women just like Dunham. (If you’re mad, be advised that she might not even care.)

She sold out the first 2000 physical copies of the thing, which is pretty impressive considering there was absolutely no warning that it was going to drop today or even that it was being made.

Here is an excerpt, courtesy of her newsletter for young women, Lenny:

I hate her with a venomous hate. I want to rip her face off, hold it up, watch her watch me in shock as her cheeks bleed in my hands.

110 pounds, she says her mom might think she’s gotten fat. But her boyfriend called her back bony. It hurts, she says, when you just can’t be good enough for anybody. I fucking hate this girl.

So, what do you think? Gearing up to buy that ebook?

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