Let’s Chat About That Photoshopped, Topless Pic of Emmanuel Macron on an LGBT Mag Cover


Look at this:

Obviously, that is Emmanuel Macron, the French presidential candidate taking on far-right icon Marine Le Pen in the upcoming runoff election. Also obviously, that is a gay-focused magazine.

So, uh, is Macron coming out?

Nope. It’s Photoshopped.

While plenty of people seem to know that…

…some people seem to think the photo — which is surrounded by captions blaring, “Coming out: a necessary fight” — is real.

It’s not real! What is real is the fact that Macron, a married man, has been a huge advocate for LGBT equality and his opponents have long attacked him for it.

Over at Mashable, one of the writers for Garcon, the magazine with the fake photo, opened up about the editorial choices behind releasing the cover.

Tristan Barreiros joked, “We have a good graphic designer!”

The issue actually goes beyond graphic design and features about the importance of coming out, though. See, Macron has been denying rumors that he actually is gay as he’s battled his way toward the presidency.

“His image has been misused many times, there is no need for there to be rumors running. Emmanuel Macron has always been clear about her private life,” his communications manager Sibeth Ndiaye told Mashable.

Looks like a fledgling magazine is just trying to stir up a little drama for themselves at the expense of a candidate. Will it be at the expense of a country’s future, too?

We find out on May 7.

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