White House Reportedly Setting Guidelines for Military Transgender Ban

Affirmative Action is Far from Perfect, But It’s Not Hurting White People

Trump’s DOJ Tells Businesses That Its Now Totally Cool to Discriminate Against LGBT

Colbert Reacts to Trump’s Transgender Military Ban: ‘Thank You? F**k You’

Transgender Navy SEAL Kristin Beck Slams Trump’s Military Ban: It’s a ‘Catastrophe’

Reporters Grill Huckabee Sanders Over Transgender Military Ban: Betrayal of LGBT Community?

During the Election, Trump Tweeted to LGBT Community ‘I Will Fight for You’

AG Jeff Sessions Spoke to an ‘Anti-LGBT Hate Group’ and is Refusing to Release His Speech

The Church of England Moves to Include Transgender People

Alt-Right’s Heterosexual Pride Day Forgets that Every Day is Heterosexual Pride Day

Nikki Haley Booed After Attending LGBT Pride Lunch

Gay Conservative Hits Critics After Tucker Interview: ‘They Don’t Like it When We Step Off the Plantation’

LGBT and Christians Targeted in Islamist Violence in Indonesia

Let’s Chat About That Photoshopped, Topless Pic of Emmanuel Macron on an LGBT Mag Cover

Sixth Grade Teacher Fired After Asking Questions From ‘White Privilege’ Book

Hollywood Liberal Hints Trump Will Start Killing Homosexuals, Like Chechen Government

State Dept. Urges Russia to Investigate Chechen Anti-LGBT Violence, Arrests

Barry Manilow Comes Out as Gay, in a Four Decade Relationship

Federal Court: LGBT Job Discrimination is Illegal

Sorry, Chechnya LGBT Murders Don’t Prove ‘Christian Countries Do it Too’

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